Sara Villasmil on: Desierto SS16

Inspirations, Colors and the future of Sara Cristina
What's the difference, creatively speaking, between Narcissus and Desierto?
Narcissus was inspired on the reflection on the sea. When you're standing there and you can see yourself in the water, you accept your beauty -that's where all the metallic colors come from. Desierto is inspired on an attitude and how strong you can be; you take on the world like there's nothing that can stop you.
Let's talk about colors. You always mention them as part of your inspiration. What are Sara Cristina's colors and where do they come from?
I have a lot of solid pieces. I think they add elegance, and although I've always used the same shades, I'm constantly thinking which tones are the best to compliment each skin color. It's important to have something for everybody.
Illustrations of 5 ways to wear  The Wrap Top

Illustrations of 5 ways to wear The Wrap Top

How do you get inspired?
I grew up near the beach, so the sound of the waves is very familiar to stays with you forever. I feel a deep connection to the ocean since it is where I find myself whenever I need to feel closer to home. It also helps me come up with ideas for new lines and collections. I believe there is a sense of belonging between a bathing suit and the ocean.
What can we expect from Sara Cristina in the future?
Well, you are going to have to wait for all the surprises I have prepared! However, there's one thing I can tell you, and it is that we are about to complete your whole beach look. Soon there will be other pieces besides the bathing suits!

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