Want to Tone Up for Summer? Celebrity Trainer Anna Kaiser Gave Us a Few Tricks


Edited by Juan Pedro Cámara


As our bodies slowly defrost with the first warm days of Spring, and the layers of clothing start disappearing, gyms, Zumba classes, park trails and spinning salons will be hit hard with millions promising to make up for the lost time spent in heavy cuddling during the cold months. Here at Sara Cristina we want you to stay healthy and comfortable, so we interviewed celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser to help you craft the body you want without having to leave your own living room.


The mind behind AKT, a unique NYC gym that specializes in energizing, community based classes, Kaiser is also the go-to trainer for high profile celebrities of the likes of Shakira, Hilary Duff, Sarah Jessica Parker, Karlie Kloss, Kelly Ripa, just to mention some. So you know her advice will be helpful. She met with us to talk about the philosophy behind her training program and to give us a good set of moves to break a sweat and tone it up without much complication.
What makes AKT unique?
AKT is not a class. AKT is a 360 degree lifestyle program. From private training to nutrition to high energy classes and even a full transformation program, we give you everything you need under one roof. The workout incorporates the best of fitness (pilates, yoga, dance HIIT, circuit training, toning, restoring) and changes every two weeks to keep your mind and body challenged in a fun and supportive atmosphere. We are fitness EVOLVED.
Describe AKT in three words:
Inspiring (and FUN!), challenging and transformative.
I you had to choose the three most essential exercises to achieve a bikini body, which would they be?
Bikini arms:
Part 1: Downdog shoulder push-ups (10 per set)
Part 2: Hinged tricep raise using 3 lbs weights (24 per set)
Repeat set 3 times.
Bikini Belly: Plank Series
Rocking plank (16 per set)
Twisting plank (oblique) hip drop (16 per set)
Opposite elbow to knee taps (16 per set)
Repeat set 3 times.
Bikini Booty:
Curtsy lunges (24 pulses)
Quadruped arabesque taps (24 pulses)
Repeat set on each leg 3 times.
What is your signature move?
Heel clicks - a power move that is great for your legs too!
Favorite pump up song?
"Thought I was Lyin" - Ron Browz
Besides AKT On Demand, do you have any important tips to achieve a leaner body?
Workouts are just one component to a healthy body. Your body is at its best when good nutrition, rest and workouts are balanced.
Subscribe to AKT On Demand here. Photos and Creative Direction by David De Lima.