Sara Cristina steps strong in the swimsuit market with a feminine brand that combines the practicality and simplicity of New York design, the luxury of European craftsmanship and materials, and the vibrant sensuality of her native Caribbean coast.

After obtaining her degree in Visual Communications, Sara Cristina returned to her hometown in Venezuela in what she describes as a breaking point in her life. Her new revamped needs to communicate met with a lifelong passion for fashion and the contrasting landscapes of her coastal native land. Sara Cristina Swimwear is born out of that combination of aspirations and a concrete space she found in the market for beachwear in the luxury tier.

She has now traveled a long way from that first idea, and has built a brand that rapidly resonated within the Venezuelan market, and that almost immediately catapulted her to the streets of New York City. She attended Parsons the New School for Design as a response to the needs of her new business, which required a holistic vision in every aspect of the conceptualization, design, production and marketing strategies of her label. As she completed her education, the brand evolved in the process and acquired a strong identity, a powerful voice of feminine luxury that celebrates universal beauty with simple and elegant, yet unique designs.

Sara Cristina places great importance in the construction of each piece, as she works only with high quality fabrics and materials, and builds them into shapes that are meant to flatter the wearer’s body. 

The brand speaks about the cosmopolitan woman who blends the classic with the vanguards. She is very interested in fashion and is aesthetically aware of every detail that surrounds her. Her life in the city is active, but she enjoys escaping the chaos of the metropolis to surrender to paradisiacal destinations. 

With a strong brand identity in place, Sara Cristina Swimwear has attracted the eye of many important fashion insiders, which has led into notorious collaborations with bloggers Chiara Ferragni, Kristina Bazan and Gala Gonzalez, among others. Already established in the swimwear market, Sara Cristina envisions a bright future in which she wishes to expand her business into a Cruise/Resort line. But no matter how big her ambitions may be, the essence of her inspiration will be always rooted in treasured lifetime experiences: the pictorial references of the art movements she discovered in her academic endeavors, the close relationship to clothing she developed alongside her mother, and the warm colorful waters of her longed hometown.