Behind Sara Cristina

Sara Cristina and David De Lima, creators of the brand, were born and raised in the Venezuelan coastal town of Puerto La Cruz with the colors and essences of the beach as the cinematography of their childhood and teenage years. With the Caribbean Sea as their playground, swimsuits were a daily garment and the root of Sara's passion to innovate through beachwear.

Their aim to become a reference in the swimwear industry brought them from the warm winds of Venezuela to the capricious weather of New York City to pursue an academic degree in Parsons The New School for Design. There, Sara Cristina learned how to combine in her designs and ideas her tropical upbringing with her passion for forward and minimal designs that tailor the contemporary woman looking for new and unique garments. Meanwhile, David is currently pursuing a BBA in Strategic Design and Management to keep pushing forward with his acquired skills the groundbreaking collections Sara Cristina presents for the summers.

David partnered with Sara, her sister, in this venture to provide the guidance that channels the brand and its images. With the complicity that characterizes a sibling relationship, David and Sara express their vision and concepts through visual communication and fashion design to bring across the powerful messages the pieces have.

Sara Cristina is constantly innovating through her designs while David is the medium that translates these ideas into content and marketing campaigns that connect the brand with its customers and make it so visually outstanding.

Through its collections, Sara Cristina Swimwear has travelled through seas of colors, fabrics and aesthetics to bring its edgiest and most unique swimwear in 2017. Constantly innovating through design, Sara and David keep pushing their own boundaries as a designer and brand strategist with every collection they present.